Lifehacks for the Stable

We riders struggle with many problems. One of them is the aspect of order and structure. We spend countless hours at the stable or tournaments. Therefore, a few stable life-hacks, which our riding life easier comes at just the right moment.

I. No space in the locker

Who isn't familiar with this problem: The locker provided by the stable is extremely small and even if you manage to get a bigger one the identical problem occurs again a few weeks later. Bandage, horse boots, horse care products, holster, snaffle-bit, gloves and saddlecloth never come alone. These are the once being stacked up to little turrets which get put where ever there is room. However, these smaller parts can be stored easily and neatly.



Fleece bandages typically belong to a particular saddle pad and as we riders never have only one saddle pad, we automatically have several of fleece bandages as well. However, the long fleece tracks can produce an unpleasant mess to your closet and infuriate the rider. For example, you genuinely want to grab something out of the closet and suddenly two bandages fall your way and of course they fully unwind on the floor of the stable. So why not mount a bandage holder on the wall in which the bandages find space and are sorted at the same time.

- Horse Boots

While the bandages hang nicely on the wall, the horse boots lay around loose in the locker. Typically at the bottom, so they don't make the rest of the equipment dirty. But even for this there is an extremely convenient solution: A discarded grooming bag offers enough space and is easy to properly wash.

- Gloves and other small parts

Most cabinets offer a few narrower chambers on one side. Instead of putting all minor parts like gloves, spare spurs, handkerchiefs, etc. loose in one of the niches, you could purchase a little box to place into the compartment. This way everything is in one place but you don't have to clear out the whole locker to obtain something you require.

- Riding Boots

Another factor that causes dirt in a locker are the riding boots. Out of a lack of space, these are typically set on the grooming box after riding, which looks dirty most of the time.But there is a incredibly simple solution: boot bags! They are currently available in all sizes and shapes. Not solely does the locker stay clean, but at the same time the boots are spared and are always ready to hand, wether you want to go to practice or a tournament.

- Horse- and Leather Care

Mane spray, hoof oil, elastic mane band, fly spray, leather grease, saddle soap and cooling gel are just a limited selection of things that can be found in most lockers and are essentially used every day. For this, small baskets are particularly good as well. This way the horse care can be separated from the leather care and at the same time everything is immediately at hand - without having to search the labels for the appropriate product.

- The Stable Pharmacy

A small stable pharmacy belongs in every well-organized locker and should contain the necessary medical products to be able to provide horse and rider alike. The stable pharmacy should always be easy to reach and complete. Important here is the closeability of the bag or box, so that the products are not unnecessarily dirty. In the pharmacy there are extra lockable and eye-catching bags, so that everyone else realizes that this is the emergency pharmacy.

- The Helmetbag

The riding helmet is primarily intended to guard our head, in order for this protection is also preserved, we must protect our helmet in return. Helmet bags are particularly well suited for this. They protect the helmet and are simultaneously within reach.

- Towels

Towels are included in every well-run rider's locker. The clean ones are best stored in the drawer with the gloves, the dirty ones belong in the washing machine. But I typically leave a towel hanging directly on the locker to be able to quickly wipe over my boots again. For this purpose, microfiber cloths are extremely good, because they absorb the dirt more effectively. Terry towels are best for horse care.


- Saddlecloth, Jackets and Safety Vests

Most lockers have a pre-mounted clothes rail on one side. If not, it can be easily fitted. This provides the opportunity to easily hang up jackets and safety vests. The saddle pads can also be hung with trouser hangers.

 - Bridles, Holster, Auxiliary Reins

The dearest friends of the rider are — naturally, besides the horse — hook and bridle holders. You can't have enough of them, as hanging more than two bridles on top of each other results in a "bridle salad."Lockers offer plenty of options for attaching holders, resulting in holsters and bridles being hung apart.

- The Riding Crop

Even riding crops rarely come alone and usually occur in larger packs. But where does it go if the boots are now stowed away in a boot bag and you can't put the riding crop in anymore? The most convenient solution is a crop holder. Here you can store several of them and simply 'click' them in and out. Therefore, they do not fall directly into your arms when you open the locker.

- Blankets

Predominantly in the winter, the blanket chaos is perfect: a rain cover here, two sweat blankets there, a damp winter cover hangs over the pit wall and the other blankets are either squeezed in the locker or lying on it, providing the mice with a cuddly warm nest. But the solution is so remarkably convenient: a sturdy plastic box on the cabinet to stow the clean blankets, a ceiling holder on the locker door to hang the used covers on and another ceiling holder in a sheltered corner to dry on the wet rugs.

- Cups, Plates and Cutlery

What would be the riding life, if you don't hang out with the stable community, having a bbq, drinking and of course chatting.Only the lack of and cutlery is in the spontaneous bbq during summer. Glasses and ceramics instantly break when if they fall and are equally difficult to stow away. So why not take a brief detour to IKEA and buy the colorful cups, cutlery and plates, which recover the childhood memories of children's birthday parties and picnics? Those don't just look lovely, but are at the same time also extremely practical and virtually unbreakable - even if the stable dogs clear the table completely while playing.

- The Boot Jack

What was known from the first riding school, has still proven itself. Especially when the stable friend is not there to free you in an acrobatic manner from your boots. Meanwhile, the boot jacks are no longer so massive, but light and handy.


II. At the Tournament

Your car is probably already massively packed for the tournament, and you can't find that one thing you now need. That likes to happen when you are at present on the warm-up area and there is no more time to go back to the car. Why not store all those important things in a separate place to have them at hand once needed. Things like gaiters, crops, gloves, riding helmet, a brush, a rag and, for example, the exercise book - all in one place and at the same time portble as a Backpack.

III. Conclusion

We riders like spending a lot of time in the barn - of course the stable work is not beneath ourselves and most of the time we are shoveling away some apples, we can make the rest of the time a little easier to have even more time with our horses.