The Grooming Box Name Tag

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Afraid of leaving with someone else’s grooming box by mistake? Or worse, that someone will leave with yours?

Riding rule #1: your grooming box goes where you go. This colorful tag helps you to spot your grooming box from others. Write your name down on the back of the tag and no doubt, your grooming box will find you

  • Customizable - you can write on the back with a permanent marker easily and lasting
  • Stylish and practical, this tag is made out of high quality rubber and comes with a clasp to ensure it stays where it is supposed to be
  • It is not only cute, but also durable - it is weather and dirt proof
  • Available in different colors and matches your Uniqhorse grooming box just perfectly


The grooming box weighs only 17 g with a diameter of 6.5cm and a thickness of 1.5mm . Shipping weight (incl. packaging) is 36 g.

Uniqhorse Grooming Boxes five stare rating review experiences feedback from customers

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