The Tournament Case


    Amazing! Now equestrians have to possiblity to store all important things you need for a tournament all in one place.

    • Lots of space: Spurs, gloves, tournament numbers, mane gums your task book and much more can be stored in the stylish tournament bag
    • Secure - two elastic bands hold your equestrian passport and the two zippers ensure a secure case closure
    • Cool design:Our tournament bags in carbon design are not only suitable for use during tournaments, but can be used daily and will surely be an eyecatcher
    • Super-practical:UNIQHORSE tournament bags not only convince by their appearance. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry
    • Easy clean:The tournament bags are easy to clean both inside and outside thanks to the easy-care surfaces. Dust and dirt won't do anything to it

    The tournament case weighs only 0.3 KG with measurements of 25 x 17 x 8 cm (L, W , H). Shipping weight (incl. packaging) is 1.2 KG


    Free shipping in Germany - EU shipping subsidized and free above €150 (Shipping details) - Delivery DE: 1-3 Days / EU 3-5 Days

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