Digital Helpers – Managing day-to-day work in the barn made easy

Apps can make everyday life in the stable much easier. The market offers numerous solutions for every requirement.

As a digital bulletin board for news, occupancy plans or appointments, as digital organizers for riding lessons in a riding school, as an uncomplicated option for quick aggreement between owners or as a complete solution for the company including invoicing. The applications are usually available in different designs and variants for managers and hirers. The prices vary between the offers and the respective tarriffs. In most cases, at least one trial month is free of charge, as are some basic versions which then omnly cover basic functions such as making appointments or reminders for vaccinations orthe blacksmith.

Horseplus App

There is a version for stable operators and riders which combines all important functions: horse overview, occupancy plans, vaccination cards, rider overview and communication tool. The premium function offers the all-inclusive package with invoicing, service options, organization, feeding and more.

die Pferde App

Available in two versions for horse owners and horse businesses. While horse owners can bundle all the data about their horse in one app and coordinate it with riding participations, horse businesses have the option of coordinating operations digitally: coordination with owners, HR and redistribution of tasks. The highlight: The access rights can be set individually.

Jutta! App

The free version for riders acts as a daily stable companion: training, health, attendance, appointments - all coordinated in one app. The free basic version for riding stables enables a bundled overview of all horses and riders including communication and occupancy plans. The premium function is supplemented by further functions such as personnel management and service options. Invoicing is not possible.


The horseanalytics Happie Horse app manages your horse's health, coordinates your training with many numerous functions and offers a first-class overview. The management version is aimed at barn operators in order to be able to optimally coordinate health, appointments and services.


The device-independent software offers the solution for stable and horse administration and management with appointments, financial overview, coordination of tasks and staff, invoicing and also the possibility of recording of working hours according to the judgment of the European Court of Justice.

Reitzeit App

This app is free for both riders and stable operators and manages everyday stable life with individually created profiles for each stable, each rider and each horse. The digital bulletin board for your pocket: off-times, occupancy plans, overview of riders and horses and agreements.


The online booking system is aimed at riding schools and riding establishments and can be customized. Customers can buy credit, book and cancel riding lessons by themselves online. Farm managers can plan courses, coordinate appointments and school horses, and manage invoicing and payment. There are also functions for staff management and box assignment.