Smart Stable - Digital Solutions

Modernization measures should first be oriented to animal welfare relevant aspects of horse keeping. Ultimately many pensions and riding businesses but also service providers are economically focused. There are numerous possibilities to make your home stable smarter for people and their horses.

Digital Solutions

Pension and training companies are primarily service providers. However, the horse industry is particularly costly and time-consuming. While everything can already be digitized in the smart home, from the light to the locking mechanism and heating technology, digital solutions in horse stables are only just beginning to emerge.

- Apps and Tools

Digital solutions enable fast communication between plant managers, employees and employers, and help to organize and manage everyday work more efficiently. Using special apps and monitors installed in the barn, the farm manager and horse oweners, for example, communicate in real time. The individual access rights can be adjusted for each horse owner. For example, only employees and owners can access their own horse and view certain data such as individual feeding, medication, invoices, but also special services such as putting on gaiters. The basic administration functions such as contact details, health information about the horses and occupancy plans for the hall and space are accessible to the entire stable community. This makes it easier and minimizes phoning around if, for example, the blacksmith is late and the horse needs to stay in the box or if a blanket needs to be put on if the weather changes quickly. As tempting as digitization tools are in all areas of life, not all horse owners can or want to spend their free time digitally. Many riders see the time spent with the horse as a break from hectic life. The question of data protection and the susceptibility to errors should also not be ignored - digitization must therefore not be indispensable.

- Security

Minimize risk of injury, monitor pregnant mares or sick horses. Camera technology can now be easily and inexpensively retrofitted in any barn. Mobile Wifi boxes via the mobile network can replace missing Wifi in the barn. Other safety tools include straps and tracking computers that monitor temperature, heart beats, and breathing.

- Lighting Technology

On the other hand, where the Smart Stable actually brings savings and an advantage for the health of the horses is in the areas of feeding and lighting. With appropriate LED lighting systems, the light in the hall, the square and the stables can be easily adjusted to the weather. It can also be avoided that the light is on unnecessarily for several hours even though nobody is in the barn.

Feeding Technology

While lighting through digital solutions means an advantage for the cash register, smart feeders can not only minimize working hours, but also have a positive effect on the health of the horses. Horses in their natural environment eat almost all day. The entire digestive system is designed for this, but unfortunately this natural behavior can hardly be imitated when kept alone. In group housing such as active or open stables, computer-controlled feeding machines are already normal. In principle, needs-based feeding with adjustment of feeding times and smaller portions distributed throughout the day is beneficial in terms of digestive physiology. Some suppliers already offer solutions for keeping stalls – both for roughage and forage foods.